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The Privacy Session at SAMRA Annual Conference 2018

SAMRA Annual Conference 2018, scheduled for 12 and 13 June in Umhlanga, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, is set to be inspirational and the highlight of the Southern African insights industry events calendar. The event showcases local and international trends about anything to do with data, research and analytics. With almost half of the delegates on client side, it also offers not-to-be-missed networking opportunities.

This year’s conference focuses on separating the wheat from the chaff. We are redefining our reality and our science, innovating with calm yet passionate imagination, yet without exaggeration. What is the past, present and future hype and reality for the insights industry?

To kick off the event, delegates will be treated to an informative session about the do’s and dont’s of privacy. With the Protection of Personal Information Act coming into effect in South Africa and the European Union General Data Protection Regulations being launched, it is an opportune time for the insights industry to show its metal when it comes to evidence-based research that protects the personal information we gather and work with to inform marketing, social, economic, business and political decisions, and to differentiate those who work ethically from those who work irresponsibly with personal data.

The Privacy Session will start with The Global Face of Privacy, a perspective offered by none other than Mike Cooke, Chair of ESOMAR’s Legal Affairs Committee. Mike has been in research since 1973 and has held many industry positions. These include Vice President of ESOMAR, a Trustee of the Marketing Sciences Institute in the USA, and Vice Chairman of the British Market Research Society. A well-known speaker on marketing research, who has authored many papers, he won the ESOMAR Excellence Award for the Best Paper presented at any ESOMAR event in 2008. He has also won the ESOMAR Congress Award for “Best Case History”, on training the next generation of market researchers, and at the ESOMAR Online Panels Conference, the best paper award for his work on migrating a major market measurement study online and the British Market Research Society’s “Research Effectiveness Award” for his research on music and education. In 1999 he was awarded the honorary post of Visiting Research Officer in Media studies at the University of Leeds in recognition of his work in the new media field. His career has been on the agency side including running his own agency and many years spent at NOP and GfK where he was responsible Global Director for Online Panel Management responsible for panels in over 30 countries. Mike is a graduate of the London School of Economics, where he won both the Harold Laski Prize for Government and the LSE Undergraduate Scholarship. He also has a Masters degree, in Political Behaviour, from the University of Essex.

The client-side perspective will be offered by Kudzai Guvi, Senior Research & Insights Manager at Standard Bank. Kudzai’s presentation Drastic times call for drastic measures: Uncovering market research buyers’ perspectives on the impact of privacy regulations on their operating environments will focus on the implications of privacy legislation for research practice on client side and the implications of this for insights agencies. Kudzai has more than 15 years of market research experience across an array of industries and portfolios, in addition to a rich academic background. In his current role, he is responsible for supporting and contributing to the overall advancement of strategic business decision making in Standard Bank’s Marketing Divisions, by providing value added business insights, recommendations and strategic input derived from conducting and analysing high quality, appropriate and cost efficient marketing research. He works across more than 17 African and a couple of international countries on a myriad of research projects including brand trackers, reputation studies, sponsorship and events studies, and is passionate about exploring new research methodologies and practices. He holds an MBA from De Montfort University (United Kingdom).

The session will end with a local insights agency perspective, Privacy Matters, presented by SAMRA Chief Executive Officer, Leonie Vorster. Leonie is the ESOMAR Representative for South Africa (2008 to date). She received the ESOMAR Representative Award for Strategy in 2017. She also serves the international data, research and insights community as a member of the ESOMAR Associations Sounding Board, the Global Market Research Industry Survey Sounding Board, and Project SERENE, the global research ethics complaints handling system. Leonie is registered at the Health Professions Council of South Africa as Research Psychologist. Leonie is an Honorary Fellow (Certified Strategic Management Professional) of the Unicaribbean Business School Nigeria, and received a Leadership Award for Contribution to Market Research in 2014 at The World Marketing Congress in Mumbai, India, where she was also a guest speaker. Leonie is a founding member of the African Market Research Association (AMRA) and was a Director CEO during start-up in 2016/2017. She previously owned and managed Evolutions Research Solutions, a private research and research-based consulting firm (1998-2012). Leonie currently serves on the Services Sector Education and Training Authority Marketing and Communication Services Chamber Committee, chairs the SAMRA Code of Conduct committee, and chaired SAMRA in 2007-2008, the SAMRA Quality and Usefulness (2004-2006) and the International Communications portfolio (2008-2011) and the Sign Language Education and Development (SLED) Mancom (2007-2010). She also served on the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) Executive (2005-2007) and Council (1998-2007) and chaired the Division for Research and Methodology (2004-2006). Leonie has an MA (Research Psychology) from the Nelson Mandela University (1995) with distinctions in her Internship as well as subjects Advanced Quantitative Techniques, Advanced Research Methods, Consumer Psychology, and End-user Computing. She achieved a BA Honours (Psychology) cum laude with distinctions in Research Psychology, Medical and Neuropsychology, Community Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychometrics, Psychopathology, and Therapeutic Psychology (1992) and a BA (Communication Science) with distinctions in Psychology, Communication Science, Journalism, Communication Law, and Afrikaans (1991) from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

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