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Meet the Students at SAMRA Annual Conference 2018

Congratulations to the students who were selected to be part of SAMRA Annual Conference 2018!


For the sixth consecutive year, we are including a few promising students as Student Guides at the SAMRA Annual Conference that takes place on 12 and 13 June 2018 at Sibaya Lodge, Umhlanga, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. This initiative is a part of the SAMRA industry-level strategic talent management programme, created to facilitate entry into the insights industry by new talent, to strengthen the ties between the industry and academia, and to encourage academic and student participation in the insights industry. This year for the first time we ran a competition to select the students.

…And the finalists are:

Ibrahim Lo
University of Johannesburg
Competition Essay

I am a 22 year old business strategist and entrepreneur. I hold a National Diploma in Marketing, a Bachelor of Technology degree in Marketing and currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Marketing at the University of Johannesburg. My extensive coursework both as an undergrad and postgraduate student in Marketing have enabled me to gain an understanding into how products and services are conceptualised and then marketed. I have come across a wide variety of modules that address the various elements that exist in a business, some of which include: business management, strategic marketing, operationalisation and finance. This has subsequently provided me with a holistic view of how businesses operate. A key lesson that can be drawn from the years I have spent studying is that, research along with continuous monitoring and evaluations of strategic decisions relating to operations are vital in ensuring synergy and efficiency, as well as profitability in a business. Lastly, South Africa has a lots of skills readily available and creating employment should be our focal point. I believe that nothing is going to help South Africa like South Africans taking their money and establishing businesses that will not only make money but will create employment, eradicate poverty and grow the South African economy.

Nosimo Ndamane
Rhodes UniversityCompetition Essay

African Girl on a Global Mission I am a creative and innovative African Millennial and my intrinsic mandate is to utilize my skill sets in empowering the marginalized and less privileged in our society. I have a keen interest in Entrepreneurship, Intra-preneurship, Social Development and Inclusive Education. I have obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in: Economics and Financial Management at Rhodes University. Currently Pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Financial Management.

Ndou Nduvho
University of JohannesburgCompetition Essay

I am an individual who strongly believes in hard work and determination to achieve favourable results. I do not come from a wealthy family unfortunately but I know that my background does not determine my future. And with this, I am forever pushing myself to work even harder to turn my family situation around. I approach all my work with discipline and focus with a strong sense of dedication, good time management and problem solving skills. One way I manage to reach each and every target i set is being optimistic while putting in extra effort because I know in the end it will all be worth it.

Ndivhuwo Ramadwa
University of Johannesburg
Competition Essay
Ndivhuwo is currently a third-year marketing management student enrolled at The University of Johannesburg whereby she is employed as a consumer behaviour and accounting tutor. The tutoring platform has enabled her to gain and improve her presentation, empathy and interpersonal communication skills. Although, Ndivhuwo is the first generation within her family to attend a university, her hard-work and persistent nature throughout her studies has immensely aided her to receive several awards from the department of marketing as well as the university at large. Additionally, the formerly stated opportunities have empowered Ndivhuwo to set an example for her siblings as well as those who look up to her for inspiration. Furthermore, she plans to pursue her post graduate studies to obtain her master’s degree and ultimately a PhD in Marketing.

The finalists are sponsored to attend the SAMRA Annual Conference, the networking functions and the end-of-conference party. The students will also present on stage: a 10-minute pitch to convince the audience that their research question is THE ONE that should be answered, to make the biggest difference in people’s lives. The winner will receive the first ever SAMRA Student Award and a R5000 cash prize.

The students work with leaders in the insights industry to help with preparations before the event, run delegate registration which provides a great opportunity to identify and meet the who’s who of the insights industry, are introduced to delegates on stage at the start of the event, control who is allowed into the conference sessions, attend as many of the presentations during the conference sessions as time allows to learn from the best in the insights industry, provide technology/audio-visual assistance to speakers and during Q&A, and network with delegates during the event, including during breaks and the functions in the evenings.

For more information or to find out how to get involved, contact the SAMRA office on

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