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Are you keen to improve skills development in the insights industry?

Thank you to everyone who attended the Market Research Industry Forum of 26 July 2018 at the Services SETA, for your time and constructive participation – it is much appreciated!

SAMRA has been tasked with calling for experts to represent the insights industry on a commitee referred to as a Community of Expert Practice, the purpose of which it will be to:

  • Develop new qualifications
  • Revise existing qualifications
  • Validate learning materials
  • Develop and review criteria for registration of assessors and moderators, including appeals
  • Update OFO Codes for occupations
  • Monitor capacity for skills development supply and recommend appropriate interventions
  • Update of the sector’s list of scarce and critical skills
  • Input into the Services SETA‘s list of Pivotal programmes

Please see the Terms of Reference for more detail. The committee will meet at least twice in any financial year or as frequently as is necessary, but not more than 6 meetings per financial year.

CALL TO ACTION You are hereby invited to volunteer for the Community of Expert Practice by submitting a Nomination Form to the SAMRA office ( Once we have all the submissions together, SAMRA will evaluate them and then put final nominations forward to the Services SETA. The deadline for submitting nominations to the SAMRA office is 8 August 2018 so that we can get the final nominations to the SETA by their deadline of 10 August 2018.


  • fit and proper persons
  • experts in their respective fields and industries
  • knowledgeable on skills development matters

COMMITTEE COMPOSITION: We would like to ensure that the committee members represent the following ‘work streams’, from both supplier and client sides, from both qualitative and quantitative backgrounds, and working with both primary and secondary data:

  • Recruitment, sampling and panel management
  • Data mining and data collection
  • Data integration and data processing
  • Data analytics and presenting results
  • Results analysis and insights generation/sharing
  • Advisory services and consulting

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