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Second Call for 2020 AGM Proposals and SAMRA Board Nominations

The SAMRA AGM is scheduled for 31 August 2020

We hereby call for proposals to the AGM, including nominations to the SAMRA Board of Directors

A. Proposals to the SAMRA Annual General Meeting

If you would like to change the way that SAMRA is governed, this is your opportunity!

The Annual General Meeting considers proposals for changes to the SAMRA Memorandum of Incorporation and the SAMRA Company Rules. To submit a proposal, please complete the AGM Proposal Form and submit it by no later than 14 August 2020

B. Nominations for the SAMRA Board of Directors

If you would like to nominate someone to represent your interests or if you yourself want to get involved in running SAMRA and determining the future of our industry, now is the perfect time! At the time of the AGM the SAMRA Board will have two (2) vacancies that must be filled. Nomination for the available SAMRA Board seat is open until 14 August 2020, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate, and make a difference!

SAMRA Director for the Small Research User Representative (organisations with fewer than six researchers) and SAMRA Director for the Medium Research Supplier Representative (organisations with turnover R 10 million to R 40 million and/or 10 to 40 employees). 

NB: Only paid-up SAMRA members in good standing can make proposals and nominate SAMRA Board members, and members who are nominated for SAMRA Board positions must be paid-up members in good standing.

To nominate a member for a SAMRA Board position, please click on the  link and submit the nomination form by no later than 14 August 2020: Nominate someone to the SAMRA Board for 2020 – 2023

What is the role of the SAMRA Board? The SAMRA Board of Directors sets the strategy and policies for SAMRA to achieve its objectives, and drives SAMRA industry activities and member engagement. Each of the seats on the SAMRA Board represents a constituency, and so each SAMRA Board member gives a voice to or contributes on behalf of their constituency when the SAMRA Board makes strategy and policy decisions.

How much work is involved? The SAMRA Board meets every two months at the SAMRA offices (or via online meeting facilities), and all other decisions are made via email. The day to day running of the organisation, including all communication and administration, is done from/by the SAMRA office, so SAMRA Directors don’t have to spend any time and effort on that. However, the SAMRA Directors are required to lead the industry, inspire members and drive SAMRA industry initiatives and activities.

What are the requirements to become a SAMRA Director? SAMRA is a Non-Profit Company and normal governance requirements for Directors under South African law apply. The SAMRA Board of Directors are registered Directors of the company for a period of three years (or until a person resigns, if sooner). The SAMRA Memorandum of Incorporation and the SAMRA Company Rules govern how SAMRA operates. A person can only be appointed as a Director of SAMRA if the person:

a) Has been working for a SAMRA Organisation Member as a SAMRA Associate Member or working as a SAMRA Independent Member, for at least 1 year before being appointed or elected to the SAMRA Board, OR is nominated as Representative from Academia, OR is nominated as Ad Hoc External Representative, AND

b) Is in good standing with SAMRA, AND

c) Is nominated for election or appointment to the SAMRA Board by a SAMRA voting member (i.e. a SAMRA Organisation Member or a SAMRA Independent Member) in good standing OR is ex officio Director.

Do the SAMRA Directors get paid? SAMRA Board members are not allowed to gain financially from their position on the SAMRA Board. The SAMRA Board of Directors are volunteers, except for the Chief Executive Officer (when there is one) who is employed by SAMRA on a full-time basis, and who is ex officio Director. 

Who else will be on the SAMRA Board after the 2020 AGM? Kanyisa Ngqukuvana (Standard Bank) was elected in 2018 as the Director for Large Research User (organisations/business units/departments with 6 or more researchers), Prof Yolanda Jordaan (University of Pretoria) was elected in 2018 as the representative from Academia and so they will both remain on the Board until 2021. Prof Paul Kibuuka (BMR – UNISA) was elected in 2019 as the Director for Large Research Supplier (organisations with turnover more than R 40 million and/or more than 40 employees) his appointment stands until 2022 and Arnold Samuels (Curiouser) was appointed by the SAMRA Board in May 2020 to represent Small business/Individual Supplier (organisations with turnover less that R 10 million and/or less than 10 employees) and his appointment stands until 2023 if confirmed at the AGM. An Ad Hoc External Representative (e.g. Lawyer, Accountant etc.) who is not a SAMRA member is not currently being elected or appointed as these expertise are not currently required.

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