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SAMRA turns 55!

Today in 1963 saw the formation of SAMRA as a voluntary association of marketing researchers. Marketing research as an identified, delineated discipline and profession was relatively new, and there was a need to share ideas and new developments, and to promote the effective use of marketing research by decision-makers.

Today, SAMRA is a registered non-profit, voluntary association of research organisations and researchers in the data, research and insights industry, recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority as the professional body or the insights industry. SAMRA serves the industry, but especially the more than 100 organisations and more than 1500 individuals under the SAMRA umbrella, by growing the insights industry, ensuring professionlism amongst researchers and offering value-adding products and services to ensure professional standards.

If SAMRA were a human being, we would arguably be in the middle of middle-aged – somewhere between young adulthood and old age. Not unlike its human counterparts, SAMRA is at an age where we have to take extra care of body and mind. If we eat healthy, live a balanced life and stay fit, SAMRA could be better and younger than ever before. So, let’s roll up our collective sleeves, and consume as much knowlegde as we can, focusing on a balanced view – no more THIS VS. THAT but rather THIS AND THAT – and practice our trade with rigour, enthusiasm and responsibility.

Here’s to everyone who made this birthday possible, building SAMRA for 55 years, through good times and bad – we salute you!

Happpy 55th birthday SAMRA!

PS: SAMRA is not about to purchase a Ferrari…

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