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The SAMRA Yearbook Directory goes online

For many years, the SAMRA Yearbook contained a list of SAMRA members, a Directory of suppliers, and an index of suppliers’ services. The Yearbook Directory and Services Index was a key resource for clients when finding suppliers, and many clients who are looking for suppliers insist on working only with SAMRA members. However, because the Yearbook Directory and Services Index was published only in print and pdf, usability was limited. For example, the Directory could not be searched for all suppliers of specific services.

At the end of 2018 SAMRA moved to the SAMRA Directory online, to replace the old print Yearbook Directory and Services Index.

This long-awaited move has not only exponentially increased the reach of the SAMRA Directory but also improved the quality of the reach because of search functionality and interactivity. And in spite of the significantly improved value for advertisers, the move to online has resulted in a significant rate decrease, with advertising rates falling below anything that was available for the print version for at least the last decade.


The new online SAMRA Directory is:

  • Available at the top of the SAMRA website on all pages.
  • Split into categories for Organisation Members, Independent Members, and Venues and Other Services offered to the insights industry.
  • Searchable by any of the displayed fields included in the selected package. The most comprehensive option includes a click-through via the organisation name to a more detailed profile; your logo; your contact details incl. physical and postal address, telephone number, email address, website url and social media hyperlinks; a description of what you do; an embedded google map; your business hours.
  • Submitted and updated by the advertiser themselves, or by the SAMRA office on request.

Find Out More

Different advertising packages and rates are available for the new online SAMRA Directory, depending on the amount of information you want displayed, your category of membership, and the type of services you offer. Rates start at just R2000 ex VAT a year for venues and other research related projects and services, and max out at R5000 ex VAT per year, for 2020