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SAMRA Journal: Getting Published

The SAMRA Journal is a collection of informative articles by and informed opinions of thought leaders in the Southern African insights industry.

Meet the Editor Editor Terms of Reference

Publishing in the SAMRA Journal 

All contributions to the SAMRA Journal (both online and in print) must relate to the field of market research, business research, social research, opinion polling or data analytics in Southern Africa.

SAMRA Journal Online is a moderated space for sharing insights, opinions and information about and debating issues in market research, social research, opinion polling and data analytics in Southern Africa. 

The SAMRA Journal Online was created in 2015 specifically for the purpose of sharing ideas and discussing and debating the way that we think about and in the insights industry. Throughout the year, we publish contributions on the SAMRA website.

The SAMRA Journal Online is moderated by the SAMRA Journal Editor and the SAMRA office. 

You can submit contributions to the SAMRA Journal Online at any time by sending it the SAMRA office. We will post submisisons to the SAMRA Journal Online, once approved.

Requirements for online contributions are as follows:

  • Your contribution must be in English (South Africa), and between 500 and 1000 words in length.
  • Style of writing must not be academic, and language register can be informal.
  • Submit any graphic elements separately in high resolution png or jpeg format.
  • Also submit a high resolution headshot photo of the contributor/s.

SAMRA Journal Print Edition is published once a year (usually in October), in print, containing our regular columns and specific articles that encapsulate the development of thinking in the insights industry in the preceding year.  

Submit your idea for an article in the SAMRA Journal in print up by end June. The article idea must be in English, typed in double spacing (including notes and references) in Times New Roman in 12-point font, and not more than 300 words in length.

After selection of the articles for the SAMRA Journal print edition, the final article must submitted by end July. Articles for the SAMRA Journal in print must be submitted electronically to, for the attention of The Editor – SAMRA Journal (Print). Requirements for selected articles are as follows:

  • Submit a statement giving the author’s/authors’ present position and email address.
  • The article should be in English (South Africa), typed in double spacing (including notes and references) in Times New Roman 12-point font, and between 3000 and 4000 words in length. Because of limited space, only summarised tables, graphs and figures should be used.
  • An abstract of 200 words in length must be included.

Your contribution to the SAMRA Journal (both online and in print) must:

  • Be your own, original work and NOT under consideration elsewhere.
  • Adhere to the requirements contained in the SAMRA and ESOMAR Codes of Conduct.
  • Not appear to be selling or punting an organisation, and/or an organisation’s products or services, and/or any proprietary methodologies or concepts.
  • Not make reference to a specific organisation unless the content would not make sense without referencing the organisation.
Subscribing to the SAMRA Journal
How Subscription works:

  • The SAMRA Journal is currently available in hard copy (i.e. print) and online
  • SAMRA Members are automatically subscribed to the electronic copy at no cost
  • For non-members, subscription is per issue of the SAMRA Journal, in print form only
  • Payment of the SAMRA Journal subscription fee is due upfront
  • The process below also applies to back issues, subject to availability

How to subscribe to the print version:

  • Contact the SAMRA office for the subscription form and submit it to
  • When an issue is available for distribution, an invoice is issued to the subscriber
  • Once proof of payment is received by the SAMRA office, the relevant SAMRA Journal issue(s) is delivered to the subscriber

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