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SAMRA Honour Roll 1985 – 2018

From time to time, the SAMRA Board confer Honorary status on a SAMRA member who, in its opinion, has made a significant contribution to the advancement of SAMRA’s activities.

We salute you, and we thank you!

Ms Shirley Benney (2012)
Ms Barbara Cooke (1992)
Mr Tim Cooke (1992)
Dr Clive Corder (1992)
Mr Erik Du Plessis (2003)
Mrs Jean Green (1995)
Ms Caroline Harben (1992)
Mr Claude Heimann (1981)
Mr Neil Higgs (1995)
Ms Heather Kennedy (2003)
Ms Alex Kessel (2008)
Dr Elsa Thirion-Venter (2016)
Mr Casper Venter (1985)
Ms Monica Waisman (1993)

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