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Congratulations to all the SAMRA Annual Conference winners!

And the winners are…. #drumroll…. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Best First Time Speaker Award, and SAMRA Board Impact Award, for Tapping into the disability market, Nicole Vergos, Ipsos Globally there is an estimated 1.1 billion people living with a disability – representing a market size equivalent of China. In South Africa, there is an estimated 3.9 million people with disabilities (Census 2011) and of those, about 1.3 million have a physical disability. People with disabilities have been historically marginalised and often-ignored. The interesting thing about disability is that it doesn’t discriminate – it crosses all cultural, age, gender, race and income groups. Some people are born with a disability while others obtain it either temporarily or permanently later in life. The underlying characteristic of disability is the need to innovate in order to make products, services and environments more accessible. Existing research focusses on medical condition rather than personal identity. There is very little understanding on how people with disabilities engage with brands and their purchasing behaviour. Disability is often associated with charity and there’s an assumption people with disabilities don’t have money. This could not be further from the truth. Their personal identity goes beyond their physical limitations and many have the same spending power as those without disabilities. People with disabilities and their loved ones indicate high loyalty to brands that attempt to understand them. Tapping into this market is a great business opportunity and can help just about any company grow and win loyal customers. Companies don’t need to position their offerings specifically for people with disabilities at the expense of the mass market. They simply need to make more effort to include them. Ipsos would like to help companies tap into this market. We are developing an online community including people living with various physical disabilities. This platform provides an opportunity for companies to engage with the community across a range of topics, products and services. Shining a light on a currently untapped consumer base.

Bright Young Mind, and Telkom User Award, for How successfully representing the customer in the C-suite can transform corporate strategy, Tashmika Sewsunker, Telesure Group Services As of late there has been an increased focus in the research and CX communities on how to make the customer’s voice more prominent in the C-Suite. This session will illustrate the power and effectiveness of utilizing research to inform decision making and ultimately impact corporate strategy. By integrating insights from various research studies, methodologies and benchmarks both locally and internationally, researchers have the opportunity to deliver powerful insights that directly impact and inform corporate strategy. This session aims to illustrate how integrating results from primary and secondary research studies enables researchers to create impactful, well rounded insights that drive change. To drive actionable change there are three key principles researchers need to follow:

  • Do the research – Ask the right questions and use a variety of sources, literature, methods, studies and metrics
  • Partner with the correct people – Don’t only rely on your own insights or experiences, collaborate with the experts
  • Be brave and bold enough to share your findings and make recommendations

People’s Choice Award, for Researching young people: What you need to know, Antoinette Basson, Bureau of Market Research The main objective of this session will be to equip researchers with information about youth research. In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in research activities, directly involving young people (under the age of 18 years).  Along with young people’s increased participation in research activities, attention is drawn to methodological challenges and ethical considerations.  Young people are inherently vulnerable and consequently typical research approaches cannot be applied without additional considerations and safeguards.  Researchers needs guidance to produce high quality, ethical research involving young people.  This session will focus on understanding young minds, transforming traditional research methodologies and critical ethical considerations.

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