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Enjoy the SAMRA Annual Conference, Rudo and Thabiso!

Every year for the last six years the SAMRA Annual Conference hosts a special group of delegates: the SAMRA Student Guides. The group of students work with the SAMRA Conference team to make sure that the delegates have a great experience, that the logistics run smoothly, and that everything happens the way it was planned, while at the same time enjoying the event, participating in the networking activities, and attending as many of the presentations as time allows. Their role is to meet the industry, learn from the presentations and be part of the conference team, so ultimately, to make the event a success for delegates and for them!

This year, Thabiso Ramokotla and Rudo Manjoro join the conference team in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the insights industry. Thabiso is studying Marketing at Vaal University of Technology, and Rudo is an Honours student studying Strategic Brand Communications at Vega Pretoria. She discribes herself as a young creative and hardworking individual who loves networking and connecting to new people and places. She is  powered by the desire to learn and experience new things, and loves unfamiliar environment. 

In Rudo’s Own Words Communications is the glue that holds everything together, it is the line that connects dots together and it is the pillar for understanding. I chose my course because I am passionate about communication, about how brands communicate to achieve their objectives, how a word is used to change perceptions and emotions. I have always been curious and demand to find answers to the what, when, how and why’s. Although I love branding and communications, I have discovered a new interest in research. Research is all about understanding and empathy, which is important to me because I do not want to lose the human connection. It allows me to discover new worlds and broaden my knowledge to new heights. Market research ensure that branding is relevant and impactful, because through research, we are able to learn and understand consumer behaviour and needs, insightful information that a branding world needs to know. I am powered by the desire to connect and learn. You can say I’m a bit of a Nancy Drew with a sprinkle of Dora the Explorer.

Download Rudo’s CV

In Thabiso’s own words I’m a 21 years old. I am 1 of 2 children to my Parents and I grew up with my elder sister. I was raised in a township named Tembisa. I am Family oriented and a socialist. I consider myself as a humble, principled, self-motivated athletic, energetic and hardworking individual, because between my Primary school to tertiary life, collectively with various respective teams, I have attained a total of 9 cross country medals, 4 Basketball and 13 Soccer medals. I was elected as the President of Ekurhuleni at the Gauteng Legislature in 2015, I have been the Marketing class representative from (2017-till date) and I also contested for Deputy President of the Student representative council and currently active in various leadership programs and non-profit organizations i.e. (IHAU). I enjoy going to the gym, keeping my body active and drinking water. I read various categorised books to enhance my knowledge and entertain myself. I love socialising and interacting with various groups of diverse individuals, I am very passionate about travelling, learning and engaging in foreign lifestyles and cultural backgrounds. I completed my matric in 2016 and back when I was in high school my favourite subjects were Business studies and life orientation. I currently have great interest for Marketing and Research, Business studies, Social studies and Logistics because I believe that this are essential fields that will contribute in developing me, as an individual who is passionate about Entrepreneurship and the pursuit to satisfy the societal and Market need, by creating employment and generating useful solutions (through research) for various Markets and communities. My academic goal is to graduate in Marketing and Sports Management. To advance and attain a master’s degree in a specialized marketing field. I aspire to work within an organization that will provide growth, adventure and stability for me.

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We look forward to getting to know you both!

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