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Who will win the coveted awards at SAMRA Annual Conference 2019?

The SAMRA Annual Conference awards recognise impact, innovation, and quality in the work presented by the data, research and analytics industry. This year’s conference sees a record number of entries competing for the winners’ podium. Session judging by the audience takes place throughout the event, and the minimum requirement for award eligibility is 75%.

The awards up for grabs at this year’s conference are:

SAMRA Board Impact Award R5000 prize money for a session that the SAMRA Board thinks will have the most significant positive impact on the industry

SAMRA Best First Time Speaker A floating trophy for the highest average Insights Share rating by a first-time speaker at the SAMRA Annual Conference

SAMRA Bright Young Minds An award for the presenter, who is 25 years old or younger, with the highest average audience rating for an Insights Share session

Telkom User Award R5000 prize money for the highest average presentation rating for a research user (client-side) presenter (with or without a supplier organisation presenter).

People’s Choice Award An award for the presenter(s) with the highest average audience rating.

Kantar Innovation Award A floating trophy for the highest average presentation rating, for a presentation that demonstrates a really useful innovation in the form of a new and valuable:

  • model that enhances our understanding of how people process marketing information and make decisions
  • insight into how people communicate in today’s technology-rich environment
  • model or approach that demonstrates a more insightful understanding of the human condition
  • research technique that a) integrates multiple data streams, or b) makes important improvements to new research methodologies
  • research approach that yields either better results than current approaches or yields new insights for research users
  • method of analysis that yields new insights into people, decision-making and human behaviour
  • application of research data to a marketing or business problem in a way that has not been seen before

To win the Kantar Innovation award, the presentation must be a) rated on average 75% or above on the Innovative criterion AND b) rated on average 75% or above on the Original criterion (i.e. separately) AND c) rated on average 75% or above on the Clear and Compelling criterion.

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