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Call for Speakers: 39th SAMRA Annual Conference 2018

Deadline for Speaker Proposals: 5 March 2018

Download the SAMRA Annual Conference 2018 Speaker Guidelines

Visit the SAMRA Annual Conference Page

Speaker Rates: The speaker rates for attending the conference this year start at R 2190 ex VAT  (see details in the Speaker Guidelines document). Presenters of accepted papers and presentations must be able to attend at least the session where they are presenting. The deadline for speaker bookings at the speaker rate is 12 April 2018.

Submit your big idea:

  1. Research Paper Summary OR
  2. Punchy Presentation Pitch

The insights industry includes providers and users of insights from various areas of research, including data analytics, marketing research, economic research, business research, social research, political research and opinion polling, following qualitative and/or quantitative approaches, using primary or secondary data sources or both.

The SAMRA Annual Conference is about new thinking and exciting developments; about being challenged and being inspired; ultimately, about growing a thriving community of learned insights professionals.

Time table for SAMRA Annual Conference 2018 Deadline
Submission of big idea summaries for selection 5 March 2018
Format evaluation of summaries 6 March 2018
Judging of summaries, and selection of speakers 11 March 2018
Speaker briefing (online) 12 March 2018
Submission of letter confirming permission for the use of all data and/or results 12 April 2018
Submission of research papers 28 May 2018
Format evaluation of research papers 29 May 2018
Submission of presentation materials, and audio-visual and furniture requirements 8 June 2018
Format evaluation of presentation materials 9 June 2018
Judging of papers for awards 11 June 2018
Judging of presentations for awards 12 & 13 June 2018

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