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Meet the SAMRA Annual Conference 2016 Students!

Ridhwaanah KhanRidhwaanah Khan: Before entering into this field of study, I was an introvert, but the subject of marketing has brought me out of my shell and given me the self confidence that I require in order to excel in every aspect. My passion towards marketing as a subject as well as a career is evident in my semester results. As a third year BCom Marketing Management student at the University of Johannesburg, I believe that I should be selected for the SAMRA Annual Conference 2016 Student Guide and ESOMAR Foundation Scholarship as I am a dedicated and hard working individual. I strongly believe in the independence of women and there is no better way to gain independence then by securing an excellent education and building up a strong career path. I always strive to give off my best in every task or challenge that I face. I believe that I can make a difference in the lives of people by sharing my knowledge and skills in a creative and constructive manner. This opportunity will provide me the opportunity to not only prove myself and abilities but to make my mentors proud too.

Nicolin Mamuya

Nicolin Mamuya: I am a 3rd year Bcom Marketing management student studying at the University of Johannesburg and my name is Nicolin Byansy Mamuya. I am a hardworking, driven and self-motivated young lady who one day hopes to be a successful Marketing Manager, leader and entrepreneur. The art of marketing is quite stimulating, hence influencing my determination for success in the field. Woman empowerment is a very important aspect to me and is something I would like to aspire in. I am not fortunate enough to come from a wealthy family which means I fully comprehend the significance of working hard to make it in life. My CV proves my lack of work experience however, I am open to responsibility and I remain committed to what I set out to achieve. It would be an honour to be awarded this opportunity as a very important step in my overall career development.

Farzaana MotaraFarzaana Motara: I believe I should be considered for this programme as it is a platform for being exposed to worldwide marketing research. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with individuals on all levels and being exposed to different ideas and opinions. I am self-motivated and get along well with people. I am able to execute when given instructions with little or no guidance. I am also able to delegate when necessary. My leadership qualities have enabled me to tutor 2nd year Marketing to approximately 150 students on a weekly basis. I am a Mentor to 7 1st year students. This confirms that I have good communication and presentation skills. Should I be granted this prestigious opportunity it will enable me to fulfil my passion for Marketing and open doors both locally and internationally to pursue a career in this field. I feel honoured that I have been granted this chance.

Patience SimelaneBongumesiya Simelane: I am a 3rd year marketing undergraduate student at the university of Johannesburg. A person with a physical disability. Throughout my academic career my goals has been to further my qualification and enrolling for postgraduate studies, to this end I have worked tirelessly to ensure that I am succeed in this endeavor. I strongly believe in working hard and even when I have achieved success I still continue to pursue greater heights because I also believe that there is always room for improvement. My dedication focus and drive makes me the ideal candidate for the scholarship. I aspire to bring about a positive impact to the marketing field through my innovative and hands on approach and inspire future generations to want to be active citizens of our country.

Contact the SAMRA Office if you would like to get in touch with any of the students or would like to see their CVs.

SAC2016 Students

The 2016 SAMRA Annual Conference Students with Shirley Benney, SAMRA Honorary Member and Student Manager.


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