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Annual Conference Papers and Presentations 2013

You have to be registered for the SAMRA Annual Conference 2013 and logged in, to view or download the papers and presentations. Please get in touch with the SAMRA office ( if you need assistance.

The papers and presentations included here are for paid delegates’ personal use only, and not for distribution. For additional authorised copies, please contact the SAMRA office (

Affleck_The rewired generation (Guest Paper)
Badenhorst & Fitzgerald_Text and sentiment analysis (Expert Q&A Materials)
Collier & Smit_Remembering the future (Research Paper)
Davidse & Kantu_Going deeper – Evaluating brand equity (Research Paper)
de Ruyck_The Consumer Consulting Board Part A (Guest Presentation)
de Ruyck_The Consumer Consulting Board Part B (Guest Presentation)
de Ruyck_The Consumer Consulting Board Part C (Guest Presentation)
de Ruyck_The Consumer Consulting Board Part D (Guest Presentation)
Drewett, Kahn & Orrie_Should traditional MR bounce (Research Paper)
Findlay_The Importance of Rank (Research Paper)
Foreman_Growth, Change & Opportunity (Guest Presentation)
Gerber & Van Der Ryst_Identifying the difference (Research Paper)
Gupta & Vincent_Insight Simplicity (Guest Presentation)
Higgs_Do we have an effect (Research Paper)
Kantu & Durbach_Early warning systems (Research Paper)
Lloyd & Durbach_The effects of attribute order (Research Paper)
Maritz_Between fact and fiction (Research Paper)
Noeth_Real time measurements (Research Paper)
Rice_The Times They are a’Changing (Guest Presentation)
Thirion Venter_Designing workplace environments (Research Paper)
Wocknitz & Morris_Teaching an old dog new tricks (Research Paper)

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