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SAMRA Annual Conference 2016: It’s (Almost) a Wrap

Thanks again for joining us at the SAMRA Annual Conference 2016!

SAMRA Annual Conference 2016

We rely heavily on delegate feedback to plan and improve the SAMRA Annual Conference, and so we would really appreciate it if you complete the feedback form.

All SAMRA Annual Conference papers are published as part of the conference proceedings, in electronic format to delegates, and will be sent to the National Library Deposits of South Africa (ISBN 978-0-620-71052-7) in the next week. To download the papers and presentations, log in to the SAMRA website and visit Copies of the papers and presentations are authorised for SAMRA Annual Conference 2016 delegates and judges only. For any other use, please obtain permission from the SAMRA CEO.

  1. If you are not yet registered as a user on the SAMRA website, you can register here:
  2. If you are already registered as a user on the SAMRA website, you can login here:
  3. If you are registered but have lost your password, reset your password here:

Until next year, then!

Leonie Vorster (SAMRA CEO)

PS: If you missed the SAMRA Journal 2016 call for articles, it is here

Thanks again to our sponsors!

SAMRA Annual Conference 2016 Sponsors

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