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Line-up and Awards at the SAMRA Annual Conference 2015

Congratulations to the those selected to present at this year’s conference! In no particular order:

SMSing to Improve: Mobile Research Comes of Age (Matt Angus-Hammond)
Understanding why smartphone users behave the way they do (Joe Boniaszczuk)
Is what you choose as important as how you choose it? (Henk Pretorius, Sean Louw)
Comparing mobile and online insights: A qualitative case-study (Amoné Redelinghuys, Henk Pretorius)
Revolutionising survey imagery: Revising and optimising the fundamentals (Carryn Smit, Kyle Findlay)
Considering the impact of anonymity on the quality of data obtained in a Market Research Online Community (MROC) (Tonette de Jager)
Sampling – The Acid Test (Diane Gantz)
The influence of the ‘joiner’: Improving the representation of mobile research through opt-in sample control and calibration (Shirley Jeoffreys)
Context matters: Creating more powerful marketing strategies by resonating with people via an understanding of the lens through which they see the world and drive their lives (Neil Higgs)
Advertising isn’t everything: unleashing a brand’s potential by identifying and measuring the hidden gems that can seriously drive growth. (Catherine Burton, Kathrine Starke, Shana Press)
Throwing the dice: Building Predictive Analytics while accounting for randomness and irrationality (Gareth Lloyd, Ian Durbach, Dieudonne Kantu)
Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future (Tomoko Ueta, Christo Van Der Walt)
And the winner is… Applying ranked based algorithms to social phenomena (Zareena Khan, Zarif Kahn, Alistair Davidse)
CRM as a driver for shareholder value creation in the 21st century (Wendy van Schalkwyk)
The ‘real’ cost of poor education (Ans Gerber, Ingrid Matthiae)
Why Bankers must take Freeloaders seriously (Lebo Motshegoa)
The New Political Battleground: The 2014 South African National Elections on Twitter (Kyle Findlay, Ockert Janse van Rensburg)
Coaching on the route to excellence (PJ Claasen, Shinell Horak)

These authors and presenters will be competing for the coveted SAMRA awards:

  • SAMRA Best Overall Paper: the award is based on the combined paper and presentation score
  • SAMRA Best First Time Speaker: to qualify, it must be the first time that the author/s and presenter/s are included on the SAMRA Annual Conference programme
  • SAMRA Bright Young Minds Award: to qualify, the author/s must present and must be 25 years old or younger
  • TNS Research into Africa Award: this award is for research done in the rest of Africa, subject to the minimum scores required for awards
  • Telkom Best User Award: this award is for a research paper and presentation by a research user (client-side) organisation, with or without a supplier organisation

All presenters, including guest speakers, will also compete for the People’s Choice Award.

 SAC 2015 Line-up_10 Feb 2015

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