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Request to Participate in Airline Choice Research

Dear Potential Research Participant

I hereby kindly invite you to partake in this (academic) research project on airline choice within the South African domestic airline market, which I am conducting in fulfilment of my doctoral studies with University of South Africa (UNISA). The purpose of this study is to find out how personal values influence airline choice to provide a deeper understanding and explanation of how South African domestic travellers’ knowledge structures inform their airline choice. This study will contribute to the South African domestic airline literature theoretically and practically. It will also help airlines to have rich understanding of travellers’ choice decisions which is a critical for service improvement in line with travellers’ personal values. This will result in airlines offering satisfactory airlines services.

The study targets all those who have flown domestically (within South Africa) and are resident (not restricted to citizens) in South Africa. As is the norm for all research projects, this study also subscribes to high ethical standards insofar as the security of data (particularly that which pertains to personal information). In that light, the study passed the stern ethical scrutiny of UNISA (See information sheet on the questionnaire for ethical clearance reference). The following data management strategies will be adhered to ensure data security:

  • All paper-based (spreadsheets) records will be kept in a secure location (researcher’s office) and would only be made available to the supervisor, statistician, co-coders and Ethics Committee upon request. Transcribers will be requested to surrender back all audio-visual files shared with them and output thereof (transcripts) and these files will kept on researcher’s Cloud account protected by a coded password. In addition, the electronic files will also be shared with the supervisor, and Ethics Committee upon request. Output from coding process will form part of the thesis’ annexure material. Those whom data materials will be shared with will be required to sign confidentiality forms as a way of protecting research data.
  • Computer-based records (e.g. questionnaire response spreadsheet, video call interview recordings, Atlas.ti output records and SPSS analysis output) will be stored on the researcher’s cloud storage with very strong password enhanced by an anti-hacking software (Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit). These records, or any part thereof must only be availed to personnel involved in the study through the use of access privileges (e.g. shareable links, HTML files) or as hardcopies.
  • The researcher, supervisor, co-coders, transcribers and statistician will sign statements agreeing to protect the security and confidentiality of identifiable information.

I have chosen to use an online questionnaire for your convenience and it will take you approximately 10minutes to complete the questionnaire. Please click here to access the questionnaire. I hereby would like to convey my appreciation of your completion of the questionnaire in advance. Should you have any query, you can contact me on 062 237 4939 or or use my research supervisor’s email provided in the information sheet of the questionnaire. Thank you.

Nkululeko Fuyane

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