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SAMRA Partner

If a SAMRA Member has been an Associate Member or Independent Member for more than one (1) year immediately preceding the application, the member may apply for recognition as a SAMRA Partner. Recognition as a SAMRA Partner requires the following:

  1. Adherence to the SAMRA Code of Conduct;
  2. The support of two (2) members who have SAMRA Partner status, or, if the applicant is unable to obtain the support of two members who have SAMRA Partner status, a letter of reference has to be submitted from a Southern African marketing researcher, social researcher or opinion polling researcher vouching for the quality of the applicant’s research and ethical conduct, and explaining why the person is in a position to vouch for these aspects of the applicants work;
  3. Either a minimum of 5 years’ experience at middle to senior level in marketing research, social research or opinion polling research and no relevant tertiary qualification OR a relevant tertiary qualification and 3 years’ experience at middle or senior level.
  4. Payment of an application fee, payable on receipt of the application;
  5. Payment of an annual SAMRA Partner recognition fee to maintain accreditation.

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