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Survey Interviewer Qualification Assessment Centres

If you would like to register as an Assessment Centre for Survey Interviewers who wish to qualify by doing the SAMRA Survey Interviewer Qualification Assessment (SSIQA), you are in the right place!

What You Should Know:

What is the SSIQA? The SSIQA is the final external SAMRA assessment for the Survey Interviewer qualification, to determine if a survey interviewer is competent and workplace-ready, and can qualify. The SSIQA is in English, is completed both online and offline, and is computer-based. For information about the SSIQA, click here
What does it mean to be an Assessment Centre? Criteria for Registration of an Assessment Centre  Contact the SAMRA officeCriteria for the Monitoring of an Assessment Centre Contact the SAMRA office
How do I become an Assessment Centre? Procedure for Applying to be an Assessment Centre Contact the SAMRA officeSubmit your application form and all supporting documentation Contact the SAMRA office
How much does it cost to register as an Assessment Centre? Contact the SAMRA office
What is Assessment and RPL?

In this policy, assessment refers to the process of evaluating evidence of competence against a pre-determined standard of performance to demonstrate such competence, for the purpose of recognition. Competence is defined as the integration of knowledge, skills and professional approaches and conduct, to achieve defined. Moderation refers to the process of assuring the quality of assessments during the design of assessment processes, development of assessment instruments, and implementation of assessment processes, by verifying the quality of assessment design, instruments and processes. The principles and processes through which a person’s informal and non-formal achievement of competence (i.e. learning of knowledge, skills and professional approaches and conduct) is made observable, and evaluated (i.e. mediated and assessed) for the purposes of access and admission, recognition and certification, or learning and development are referred to as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Contact the SAMRA office for the SAMRA Assessment Policy and Procedures 

Who are the Assessors and Moderators? Contact the SAMRA office