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New Member Applications

NB: Membership applications incur a non-refundable application fee on submission of the application, which is payable before the application is considered. See Annual Fees for details regarding fees, and for visa application membership confirmation fees. Once invoiced, this application processing fee remains due, irrespective of whether the application expires after 120 days, or is approved or not.

The application process for SAMRA membership is as follows:

    1. Read through the SAMRA Code of Conduct which members have to abide by.
    2. Read through the SAMRA Memorandum of incorporation and the Company Rules, which members have to adhere to.
    3. Read through the membership criteria and decide which category to apply for.
    4. Submit a completed application form online, for the category of membership you are applying for, along with all supporting documentation.
    5. You will be invoiced for the application fee which is payable before the application is processed.
    6. The application will be referred to you if it is incomplete, and is evaluated against the membership criteria.
    7. If the relevant membership criteria are met, the application is referred to the SAMRA Members and/or Board for approval.
    8. The SAMRA Board decides whether to approve the application. If the application is approved, a membership fee invoice is issued to the individual or organisation applicant.
    9. Once the membership fee invoice has been paid and proof of payment has been submitted to the SAMRA office, membership is activated and the new member is added to the relevant SAMRA membership database.

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