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SAMRA Member Fees for Mar 2018 to Feb 2019

Independent Membership Fee

R1540 ex VAT

Visa application letter confirming Independent Membership SAMRA is the SAQA recognised, non-statutory professional body for market research. We are a voluntary membership association, and we do not conduct critical skills assessments or issue letters specifically for visa application purposes. For visa application purposes, we issue  a membership certificate as well as a letter confirming membership, provided that membership is activated (and paid for) for TWO years from date of approval, instead of ONE, as would otherwise be the case.

Organisation Membership Fees

To work out the fee for an organisation’s membership, add the Annual Membership Fee and the Annual Service Fee that applies to you or your organisation together. All fees are given in South African Rand and exclude VAT. SAMRA is a registered VAT payer and VAT is charged at 14% until 31 March 2018 and 15% from 1 April 2018, and where relevant.

Annual Research Turnover/Research Budget or Spend of the Organisation: Annual Membership Fee for the Organisation:
< R 2 million 1,060.00
R 2 million – R 5 million 2,970.00
Between R 5 million & R 10 million 5,940.00
R 10 million – R 20 million 9,540.00
Between R 20 million & R 50 million 13,250.00
R 50 million – R 100 million 15,060.00
More than R 100 million 17,170.00
Headcount (Employees Only):  Annual Service Fee Per Employee:
1 to 10 390.00
11 to 20 320.00
21 to 50 260.00
51 to 100 230.00
100+ 130.00

NB: All new membership applications will incur a R 560 exc. VAT non-refundable application fee, which is payable before the application is processed.

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