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Calling all Marketing Researchers in South Africa!


SAMRA has agreed to distribute a survey for a national research project on neuromarketing which targets marketing researchers in South Africa. You can be part of this first of its kind study on perception levels and awareness of neuroscience in marketing by clicking on the link below.

This study is voluntary and without compensation. No personal identifying data is captured and results are solely for the purpose of this study. This study has been cleared by the UNISA SBL Ethics board.

The remarkable part of this research lies in the insights it would provide towards this field of marketing (neuromarketing) amongst the marketers, marketing researchers and the consumers.

With the advent of the study of neuromarketing in the past decade, a disconnect has emerged in the attitudes of consumers, and that of marketing managers, towards this new discipline in the science of marketing. Internationally neuromarketing has progressed with marketing managers using the discipline for research, strategic marketing and campaign purposes. The aim is to test the perception, awareness and attitudes in the South African context.

This is a quantitative study with qualitative interviews to inform the questions of the questionnaire. The qualitative approach is used to understand the perceptions and understanding of neuromarketing existing in consumer groups as well as marketers in the field. Exploratory research is then conducted to enhance understanding of the relationship between perceptions and the subsequent effects in the field.

The outcomes measured in the study will include the understanding and perceptions of consumers and marketers. In this regard, the exploratory study involves gathering qualitative data. Justification for qualitative research is that it has the advantage of allowing the study to obtain richer and more robust information about the perceptions and understanding.

Research Questions

How do South African consumers and market researchers understand and use the science of neuromarketing in research, marketing and advertising?

Research Objectives

To describe the awareness, perceptions and usage levels of neuromarketing amongst South-African consumers from various industries.  To determine how understanding and perceptions influence the neuromarketing landscape in South Africa as perceived by market researchers and marketers as well as consumers.

We appreciate your participation and contribution towards shaping an understanding of how marketing researchers perceive this field of marketing in SA.

A full report on findings will be released after the numbers are crunched.

Targeted respondents

  • Members of the Marketing Association of South Africa
  • Members of the Southern African Marketing Research Association

Design and implementation of the study: Unisa School of Business Masters Research – Annemi Olivier


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