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Just 3 weeks to the insights event of the year! #SAMRA2019 Bookings close next week…


Are you just present at work, or have you found your mojo and actually ‘show up’? Find out in just 3 weeks’ time at the 40th SAMRA Annual Conference on 15 and 16 May 2019. Bookings close next week!

Join facilitator Kambe Mwaba, Knowledge & Insights Manager at The Coca-Cola Company, the guest speakers and presenters as we learn about insights ROI, brand influence, AI and experience driven marketing, the latest research tools and digital research, agile insights and agile products, how to transform multiple data elements into new insights and 360 degree views, for creative flow….

Are you making space for people in your data and research? Find out why children, young people and customers are actually your best strategic advisors in research and business and where South Africans are at as a society. Learn about community engagement, social progress, evidence-based decision-making for social development, HIV testing and treatment uptake strategies, activating the Pink Rand, leadership, ethics… and of course, sex.

PLUS PLUS PLUS attend one of four free delegate workshops hosted by local and global experts, to learn about making research better, solving problems and thinking creatively, understanding the 4th industrial revolution, or navigating an uncertain, volatile future…


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