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ROI from Insights – Partnership Request

As you will read in this week’s GRBN newsletter, GRBN is launching a ROI from Insights initiative in co-operation with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). We hope you find this news to be just as exciting as we do! GRBN would like to partner with as many national associations as possible on this initiative in order to ensure it has maximum value to you and your members

The partnership  is very straight-forward:

  1. Partners will be able to co-brand the ROI from Insights handbook for distribution in their country
  2. Partners will receive material for events and communications, which they can again co-brand
  3. Partners provide sample for both the qualitative and quantitative research with client-side Insights Directors

Unfortunately, due to resourcing issues, the timing on the research part of the project is very tight. Quantitative fieldwork needs to be completed by the end of March and qualitative research by the end of April.

We hope, however, that despite this time constraint, many of our members will see the value to partnering on this initiative. We believe, in particular, that it will enable the association to engage more effectively the buyers and users of market research in their countries, with the ultimate aim to grow the industry, but we believe that research agency members will also value the fact that the association is taking a lead on an issue which is critical to the future growth of their businesses.

Please read more about the initiative in the articles in the newsletter and then if you are interested in partnering on this initiative, please send Andrew an email by the end of this week, who will then give you more details, after which you can decide whether to partner or not. Thanks in advance for considering this partnership opportunity.

Leonie Vorster (SAMRA Chief Executive Officer)

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