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ESOMAR Global Market Research Industry Survey 2015

Thank you very much in anticipation for your contribution to this study on the Market Research Industry in 2014. As in previous years, the ESOMAR study aims to collate key data and information on the market research industry, on a worldwide basis, and we would greatly value your response to this survey. As you know, it provides very valuable information on the evolution of our industry.

Please find below an overview of the survey structure and the topics on which we would wish to have your input:

  • Organisation size and industry landscape
  • Sources of turnover by type of client, research method, research design and project type
  • Review of 2013 market research turnover
  • Expectations for 2015

When you have made your calculations, please submit your data in the online questionnaire below. If you have any questions on the study, please contact Leonie Vorster ( The deadline for submissions is 23 June 2015. Participation is free, and participants who submit a complete data set receive a free copy of the local results when we submit the data to ESOMAR for analysis.

Please feel free to distribute the questionnaire (especially to SAMRA non-members).

With many thanks in advance for your help in this important study!

Leonie Vorster, Chief Executive Officer: Southern African Marketing Research Association (NPC)




We would also like to inform you that this year’s survey has undergone a couple of important changes, which hopefully will provide us and the market research industry with a range of new and important insights:

  • We have revised the definition of market research to include in the total turnover figures. The definition now includes research conducted directly with clients by online panel suppliers (e.g. Toluna and SSI) and DIY services such as Survey Monkey and Qualtrics, as well as market research analytics, such as analytics based on big data, predictive analytics, web analytics, CMR analytics and text analytics.
  • At question 8a, Telecommunications has been changed to Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technology.
  • At question 8b, Consumer Durables now includes electronics (e.g. televisions, refrigerators, handsets, etc.), which previously fell under ‘Other Manufacturing’.
  • At question 9b, ‘Mobile/Smartphone online quantitative research’ has been added to the breakdown. Correspondingly, Online quantitative research has been updated to exclude mobile internet.
  • At question 11, Other Qualitative Studies has been deleted and now goes into Other, if not covered elsewhere.


In the first section, you are asked to provide the total amount of market research turnover in your country. The total should include both primary and secondary market research. For the purpose of this survey, we define primary market research as research that is ‘new’ or ‘original’ that collects data from source in order to answer a question or gain more understanding of a specific issue. Secondary research involves the compilation and analysis of previously collected or published information, which can then be used to answer a question or gain more understanding of a specific issue.

The total should also cover all work that is commissioned to be undertaken by research providers in South Africa either by clients inside South Africa or clients based in other countries. This includes international projects managed by companies in South Africa as shown below at question 1a (2013 figures) and 2a (2014 figures).

Please note that you should also include:

  • All Retail Audit measures (e.g. Nielsen, IMS Health, IRI, etc.)
  • All Media or Audience measurement services (TV viewing, radio listening, newspaper reading, online audience, social media measurement, etc.) Company examples: Ibope, Nielsen, AGB, and ComScore.
  • All consumer Panel measures or household panel measures (e.g KantarWorldPanel, IRI, etc.)
  • Advisory Services, which would include work by companies such as Gartner, Forrester, Mintel, Ovum, IHS, Euromonitor, etcetera, that provide customized or syndicated research services via a subscription / advisory model.
  • Research conducted directly with clients by online panel suppliers (Toluna) and DIY services such as Survey Monkey and Qualtrics.
  • Market Research analytics not already covered above. This would include:

– Analytics based on big data
– Predictive analytics (geo-localization, traffic modeling, etc.)
– Web analytics (content tracking, digital tracking)
– Passive metering log file processing (modeling of consumer surveys)
– CMR analytics
– Text analytics

  • as well as what you would traditionally have considered as Market Research.

WHAT TO EXCLUDE: Figures should exclude any non-research related income, even if conducted by organisations that conduct market research and or Advisory Services (e.g. IMS Technology Services, Gartner Events, etc.).

SUBMISSION: Please keep a copy of your data before submitting, and make sure that you receive a confirmation email that we have received your submission. Sometimes server security settings prevent submission, and we would hate to miss out on your data!

  • This research is conducted in strict adherence to the ESOMAR and SAMRA Code of Conduct that is available here:
  • We are not trying to sell or promote anything. This is a market research survey using scientific methods and we promise that, in obtaining your cooperation, we will not mislead you about the nature of the research or how we will make use of the findings.
  • The answers you give us will be treated as confidential unless you have given your consent to the contrary. In the relatively few instances where we ask you for permission to pass data on in a form which allows you to be personally identified, we will ensure that the information will be used only for research purposes.
  • We will not send you unsolicited mail or pass on your e-mail addresses to others for this purpose. If we want to send you future e-mail, we will ask your explicit permission for this.
  • As with all forms of market and opinion research, your cooperation is voluntary at all times. No personal information is sought from or about you, without your prior knowledge and agreement. You are entitled at any stage of the interview/questionnaire, or subsequently, to ask that part or all of the record of your interview/questionnaire be destroyed or deleted. Wherever reasonable and practical we will carry out such a request.
  • We try our best not to interview children without first getting the permission of their parents, though we cannot always guarantee this to be the case.
  • We use cookies and other similar devices sparingly and only for quality control, validation and to prevent bothersome repeat surveying. You can configure your browser to notify you when cookies are being placed on your computer. You can also delete cookies by adjusting your browser settings. We automatically capture information about your browser type in order to deliver an interview/questionnaire best suited to your software. We do no other invisible processing of data from your computer.
  • Our web site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control.
  • Only certain employees have access to the information you provide us. They have access only for data analysis and quality control purposes.
  • You can contact us at to discuss any problems with this survey.
  • You can find out more about us at
  • For our third party supplier privacy policy and statement, please see

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