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ESOMAR Global Insights Industry Survey 2020

It is time for the annual industry size survey, and this year we are including all SADC countries!

Participation is free.

For this year’s research on the state of the market research industry, ESOMAR is collecting the data using their new survey system:

SAMRA distributes the survey links to all organisations who want to participate, sends reminders and tracks participation. The data that is submitted is automatically anonymised by the system, before Xabier Palacio, the Senior Industry Analyst at ESOMAR, aggregates responses.

Purpose: Your submission will not be used for any purpose other than to calculate the volume and characteristics of the market research industry at a national level.

Untraceability: In order to guarantee anonymity of the results and prevent your company to be traced back, we will not publish results for any country with less than 3 submissions.

Anonymity: The only party with access to your submission will be ESOMAR, the global insights association based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Your submission will be treated as confidential under their privacy policy, which you can find here.

Participating organisations will receive a country-specific report.

Please help us to represent Southern Africa in this important annual global study of the insights industry size. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Forward this invitation to as many organisations in your network as you can, so that we maximise participation
  2. Let me know immediately (by email to if you are willing to participate, so that we can create a personalised link for you, and you can then submit your data by 19 June 2020.

Please contact the SAMRA office for the questions covered in the survey on:

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