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Do you need expertly sourced, ethically sound, excellent quality data, research, advice or insights…? SAMRA offers two services to help you:

  1. you can search our online Directory below for SAMRA members, or
  2. you can send a request for a quote/assistance to all SAMRA members.

SAMRA members adhere to the SAMRA Code of Conduct, which includes the ICC ESOMAR global code of conduct and guidelines. This protects everyone involved in research, and nobody should take the chance of working with a non-member who is not prepared to commit to the same stringent Code of Conduct and gudelines as the SAMRA members. For example, SAMRA members have to be honest about their skills, experience and activities, and about those of their organisations, and, therefore, that they are required to offer only services that they are competent and able to offer.

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Dr. Rufus Olufemi Adebayo

Felix Bello

Ms. Chiedza Chikoto

DMA Research

Mr. David Howe

Ms Lise Kemsley

Ms. Grace Magama

Prof. Ushe Makambe

Munyai Consulting

Dr. Kingstone Mutsonziwa



Mr. Charles Nyamudoka

Dr. Daniel Opolot

Partners in Research

Ms. Mafoko Phomane

Reputation House

Ms. Christina Simbabure

Social Surveys Africa

Tiso Blackstar Group

Ms. Buhlebenkosi Bianca Tshili

Dr. Corine van Erkom Schurink

Mr. Albert van Wyk

Dr. Valery Yao Yao