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SAMRA ESOMAR/ICC Code of Conduct Update

We need your help SAMRA adopted the ICC/ESOMAR Code of Conduct in 2008. The Code is currently being revised to keep up with changes in the way research is conducted and the types of data being collected, processed and presented. The revised Code will take into account these changes and ensure that researchers can continue to meet their responsibilities to the individuals whose data they process, and to the clients and organisations they serve.

How can you help? You have two options:

  1. Submit your comments to SAMRA, and we will then collate and submit all comments received to ESOMAR or
  2. Submit your comments to ESOMAR directly, copying the SAMRA office (for information)

For more information Visit the ESOMAR Code Revision web page that explains why the revision is needed, and why it is needed now, the proposed changes, who worked on the draft revision and what they considered in the process.

Next Steps

  • Download the Current Code of Conduct, the Draft Revised Code and the Comment Form
  • Go through the Current Code, alongside the Revised Code, noting the changes and deciding whether you agree or disagree with the changes and why, and whether you would like to make further suggestions or changes
  • Submit your comments to SAMRA by 15 August 2016 using the comment form
  • SAMRA will collate the comments from members and submit to ESOMAR on 19 August 2016

Don’t miss this chance to protect the public from unethical research and to safeguard our industry’s future!

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