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Category: Research Users/Clients

SAMRA Interest Group for Research User/Client Organisations

It is time for the annual SAMRA Salary Survey! The SAMRA Salary Survey 2018 marks the 9th year that SAMRA Read more…

Participants are the life-blood of our industry. Without their willingness to participant in research we cannot deliver the reliable data and actionable insights decision-makers need.

Many companies struggle to realise the full potential of their customer insight function. In order to maintain and grow budgets, we need to do a better job at demonstrating the business impact of insights and measuring the ROI we deliver. This workshop is designed to help you demonstrate this.

Join us as Insights industry leaders share their stories of the positive difference that data, research and insights has made and can make in people’s lives

The Services SETA cordially invites stakeholders within the Marketing Research industry to an Industry Forum to discuss skills development for the industry.

The Research Participant Database service is running!  The purpose of the service is to root out fraudulent, unethical and poor Read more…

It is time for the annual SAMRA Salary Survey! The SAMRA Salary Survey 2017 marks the 8th year that SAMRA Read more…

The Marketing Association of South Africa (MA(SA)), in partnership with The Advertising Media Forum (AMF) and the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA), invites you to a significant industry engagement concerning a potential new marketing research currency to replace the now discontinued All Media and Products Survey (AMPS).

It is time for the annual SAMRA Salary Survey! The SAMRA 2016 Salary Survey marks the 7th year that SAMRA Read more…

Join us in Windhoek, Namibia on 18 January 2017 for a research & ethics update; samra speed dating; samra ambassadors election

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