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The growing influence in data and technology in marketing research is more than just a trend by now. Several years of advances and innovations have altered the way that companies understand, track, and target key customers.

Anything that helps people make better decisions and, perhaps just as importantly, stops them from making bad mistakes is useful. But will research do the trick? How to make research useful is the focus of the 2018 edition of the SAMRA Journal. 

It is time for the annual SAMRA Salary Survey! The SAMRA Salary Survey 2018 marks the 9th year that SAMRA Read more…

We are finalising the SAMRA Journal (Print)! If you would like to place an advert in the upcoming SAMRA Journal, please let us know – first come, first served!

2019 is an election year in 16 African countries, including South Africa, and so polling season has arrived. 

The ESOMAR Global Market Research study is an annual tracker that aims to collate key data and information about the insights industry worldwide. It provides valuable information on the evolution of the industry.

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The SAMRA Journal 2017 looks at the role of research. Is research a tool primarily to guide strategic decision making, or primarily to fine tune how well you are executing in your operations?

How can we have meaningfully connections with consumers without disrupting their lives? How can we be a part of their lives?

In a job of mining meaningful insights that truly grow brands, a certain level of intimacy in connecting with consumers is required. Brands are looking for front row intimate engagements in understanding consumer perceptions, beliefs, behaviours and attitudes. How do we really provide this intimacy? Where are the front row seats?

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