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SAMRA Board 2015 – 2018: Call for Nominations

fb_profileThe SAMRA AGM 2015 is on 6 August, and we have four vacancies on the SAMRA Board that must be filled! The SAMRA Board’s role is to set the strategy and policies for the organisation. Each of the ten seats on the SAMRA Board represents a constituency, and so each SAMRA Board member gives a voice to or contributes on behalf of their constituency when the SAMRA Board makes strategy and policy decisions.

  • The SAMRA Board meets every two months, and all other decisions are made via email. The day to day running of the organisation, including all communication and administration, is done from/by the SAMRA office, so SAMRA Board members don’t have to spend any time and effort on that.
  • SAMRA is a Non-Profit Company and normal governance requirements for Directors apply. The SAMRA Board of Directors are registered Directors of the company  for a period of three years (or until a person resigns, if sooner). The SAMRA Memorandum of Incorporation and the SAMRA Company Rules govern how SAMRA operates. The SAMRA Board members are volunteers, except for the Chief Executive Officer employed by SAMRA, who is ex officio Director.

If you want to nominate someone to represent your interests or if you yourself want to get involved in running SAMRA and determining the future of our industry, now is the perfect time to become part of our winning team!

Nominations for the four available SAMRA Board seats are open until 23 July 2015, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate, and make a difference! The four available seats are:

  • Medium Research Supplier representative (organisations with turnover from R 10 million to R 40 million and/or 10 to 40 employees)
  • Large Research Supplier representative (organisations with turnover of more than R 40 million and/or more than 40 employees)
  • Small Research User representative (organisations/business units/departments with less than 6 researchers)
  • Large Research User representative (organisations/business units/departments with 6 or more researchers)

NB: Only paid-up SAMRA members in good standing can nominate other paid-up SAMRA members in good standing

To nominate someone or to accept a nomination, please click on the relevant link below and complete the applicable form by no later than 23 July 2015.

…And as always, if you have any questions, just ask

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