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Africa Forum 2018 Call for Speakers: Deadline 10 November 2017

The Africa Forum is on its 2nd edition!

With the theme ‘Research in Diverse Africa’ the forum will focus not only on the diversity of culture, languages and behaviours that characterise the African continent, but also on the innovative methodologies used in Africa, the role of technology (e.g. internet, mobile, etc.) in Africa and the African insights industry, and multi-country research across Africa.

Africa Forum 2018 aims to:

  • Raise awareness about the positive aspects of Africa’s diversity
  • Increase confidence and positive predisposition towards the execution of research in Africa
  • Provide best practice for Research approach and execution in Africa
  • Increase volume and value of research conducted in Africa and significantly increase Africa’s contribution to Global research spend.

The Call for Speakers is now open. Deadline for sending your proposed outline is 10 November 2017.

Bookings are open! You can find more details on the Africa Forum 2018 page.


A. Diversity is an opportunity!

Multi-country surveys across Africa

  • Remaining the same, echoing the change – standardizing multi-country studies without losing local nuances
  • Ensuring results are comparable across countries
  • Skill and knowledge transfer in multi-country surveys
  • How can results from one country be applied to other countries?

Managing diversity in Africa

  • Hiring Diversity –  Winning through people
  • Building on people’s common strengths as well as their diversity

Africa Millennials

  • celebrating the diversity of youth!
  • Utilising the untapped talent of the youth population
  • Working with African millennials : their goals and expectations
  • Growing in the technological age

Demonstrating the role of market research in bringing countries closer together

Trust as an opportunity

B. Doing business in diverse Africa

  • What keeps clients awake at night?
  • What are the constant complaints? Cost, quality, lack of skilled researchers?
  • Identifying emerging markets and emerging consumers – leapfrogging via technology: examples of research applied to these new opportunities

C. Diversity of opinions in Africa

  • Understanding public mood and narrative
  • Applying sentiment analysis techniques online and offline
  • The challenge of asking opinions and handling research in ‘risky/difficult zones’
  • Opinion polling: Africa’s great dilemma?

D. Diversity and innovative research

  • Applying the new neuroscience/behavioural sciences in Africa
  • Innovation in sampling
  • Adaptation of innovative research to the local context

E. Diversity and new technology

  • Use of Social Media (eg Facebook) for sampling and qual recruitment – good, bad or ugly?
  • Mobile technology – how best to exploit this opportunity (ie: sms technology and services)
  • Mining for a story in the stories: exploring how best to mine data through Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Investigating the impact of fake news in the digital space and providing possible solutions
  • Adapting to change – ensuring that research is keeping up with consumer development
  • Data Protection and Privacy issues: Handling challenges of adequate Legislation across Africa.

F. Cultural diversity and the challenges of qualitative research in Africa

  • Using online approaches for qualitative research
  • Training qualitative researchers


The Programme Committee encourage submissions that focus on African diversity and local specificities. Specifically, it is expected that the programme covers a high representation of regions in Africa and that all presentations are related to the African context/reality.

In addition, the Committee would value receiving submissions that show a good mix of qualitative/quantitative case studies, corporate case studies (client alone or client/supplier co-presenting) and unique and never-before presented projects.

Speakers will receive a complimentary day delegate ticket to attend the event.

Outlines can be submitted in English or French. There will be simultaneous interpreting services (English-French and French-English) at the event, and so presentations can be in French or English. 

Please use the online submission form here to submit your presentation idea.


Be part of the event by becoming a sponsor: Decide on a sponsorship package and let AMRA know on – first come, first served! For sponsorship options and enquiries please visit the Sponsorship Page

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