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About Us

SAMRA was established in 1963 as a voluntary association of marketing researchers. Marketing research as an identified, delineated discipline and profession was relatively new, and there was a need to ensure professionalism amongst researchers (incl. sharing ideas and new developments), and to promote the effective use of marketing research by decision-makers.

SAMRA is a non-profit, voluntary association of research organisations and researchers in the data, research and insights industry. The organisation is managed by a Board of Directors in ten representative seats, most of whom are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting. The SAMRA Office is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the association.

SAMRA members are required to adhere to the SAMRA Memorandum of Incorporation and Company Rules, which govern the organisation’s operations. Also see the SAMRA Public Access to Information Act (PAIA) Manual.


1. Grow the data, research and insights industry

Objective 1: Proactively market, advocate for and lobby on behalf of the industry

Objective 2: Strategically manage talent at industry level to meet demand

2. Enhance quality and professionalism

Objective 3: Promote the professional development of practitioners

Objective 4: Provide industry-specific input into the Southern African learning system

Objective 5: Protect the public, and monitor and self-regulate ethics in the industry

3. Deliver stakeholder value

Objective 6: Offer value-adding products and services to the industry

Objective 7: Ensure adequate representation of the industry with government

Objective 8: Maintain effective systems and processes to manage operations

Our stakeholders include members of the public, suppliers and clients/users of data, research, advisory and consulting services and evidence-based insights (including our members), the media, legislators, related industries and associations, potential and new entrants, and education and training providers.

SAMRA Transformation Policy Statement 1 Nov 2017