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SAMRA Membership and Membership Withdrawal


Membership and Membership Withdrawal

1 SAMRA protects all SAMRA members, their employees and their subcontractors, if they adhere to the SAMRA Code of Conduct.
Tip 1 Be on the right side of the Code of Conduct: don’t make unfounded remarks about the skills of a colleague or even a competitor; don’t believe anything unless you have evidence; don’t just re-do the work when an interviewer cheats, but submit the evidence and a statement to the SAMRA office, so that appropriate action can be taken, even if the interviewer is not a SAMRA member; insist that your independent contractors and freelancers abide by the SAMRA Code of Conduct, so that you know you share common values, pursue the industry’s interests, and promote public protection.
2 It is the responsibility of Organisation Members to ensure that SAMRA has updated membership details.
Tip 2 Obtain informed consent from everyone on the Associate Member list before it is submitted to SAMRA.
Tip 3 Confirm that the people on the submitted list know that they will be or are in fact members under the Organisation’s membership.
Tip 4 Inform everyone on the membership list that they are required to adhere to the SAMRA Code of Conduct and ensure that they are aware of the possible sanction if they do not comply with the Code of Conduct.
Tip 5 Let the SAMRA Office know if membership or member details (such as Associate Members) change.
3 SAMRA members decided that all SAMRA members and the public must be notified when membership is withdrawn following a Code of Conduct complaint process where a guilty finding results in membership termination.
4 If an Organisation membership is cancelled, by SAMRA or by the Organisation, all Associate memberships under the Organisation Membership are automatically cancelled.
Tip 6 Inform Associate Members that they are completely dependent on the organisation being a member, thus without an Organisation Membership, they are not Associate Members.
5 SAMRA is our industry’s own self-regulatory professional body.
Tip 7 Participate in the matters of SAMRA by attending the AGM in person, online or by proxy to vote (next AGM in August).
So, the bottom line? Participate, engage, decide how you want SAMRA to work and what SAMRA should do for you. Be honest, follow the rules of the game (or lobby for changes if the rules don’t work) and protect the insights industry with all that you have so that the insights industry can protect those of us that are doing the right thing. Talk to each other, meet each other, help each other, and ask questions: the SAMRA office is there to help!

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