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2016 Memorandum of Incorporation – Proposed Changes

The SAMRA Board will propose to the 2016 Annual General Meeting the following changes to the SAMRA Memorandum of Incorporation:

  • Change ‘SAMRA Designated Roles’ to ‘research-related roles (as defined in the Company Rules)’ to avoid confusion with the Designations registered with SAQA (SAR, and soon also Survey Interviewers) – designation has a legal meaning in the SAQA context.
  • In 2013 with the SAMRA Membership restructure, the AGM had decided that the requirement is that all workers in research-related roles are Associate members, but allowed for 25% of Associates to lose their membership (e.g. based on ethical transgressions) before the organisation loses its membership. This percentage was to increase by 5% each year, thus it would be 90% in 2016.

For changes, see SAMRA NPC MOI 6 August 2015 with changes for AGM 2016

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