Revised SAMRA Company Rules – 28 August 2017

SAMRA NPC Company Rules 28 August 2017

The following changes to the SAMRA Company Rules were approved at the 2017 AGM:

  • Update the research-related roles throughout to read: Market research, social research, opinion polling, data analytics and research-based consulting products and services or any component of these
  • Add to the Data collection role under 1.11.5: Interviewer, Moderator, Research Participant Recruiter, Panel/Sample Supplier
  • Add to the Data collection role under 1.11.5: Including both primary and secondary data
  • Change 1.11.6 to read: SAMRA Honour Roll member whose work resulted in the award of Honorary member status by the SAMRA Board
  • Change 2.2 to specify Associate member
    Add to 2.6 or from outside the SAMRA Board.
  • Change 3.2.1: Organisation Membership Criterion 4. as per the AGM 2013 decision: decrease from 10%, to if 5% of Associate memberships are withdrawn on ethical grounds, the Organisation membership will be withdrawn.
  • Change 3.4.2: SAMRA Accredited Fieldworker to SAMRA Accredited Interviewer (Quantitative) (SAIN)
  • Remove under 3.4.2: If a Member has been an Associate Member or Independent Member for more than one (1) year immediately preceding the application, the Member may apply for recognition as a SAMRA Accredited Fieldworker.
  • Change 3.4.2 SAMRA Accredited Researcher (SAR) to SAMRA Accredited Marketing Researcher (SAR)
  • Remove from 6.3 If membership has been terminated by the SAMRA Board
  • Add to a) If a hearing is warranted:
  • Add to b) If a hearing is not warranted, adjudication will commence with the existing evidence and without holding a hearing.

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