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Why not give a point of view for us to ponder? (SAMRA Journal Editor, Duncan Brett...

If you were fortunate enough to attend this year’s SAMRA conference, you would have got to hear some great talks in beautiful surroundings. It’s a testament to the presenters that most of us stayed inside to listen instead of going outside to play. If you read widely it can broaden your horizons and push your […]

Showing the Value of Research (Duncan Brett, Editor: SAMRA Journal)

As an industry, it is critical that we are able to demonstrate value. That can be difficult to do. A friend once asked me how one values advice. To be honest, I don’t really know. Advice can both make and save you a fortune, but if you ignore it, it doesn’t help much.

How to lie with Statistics – by Darrel Huff (A book review by Duncan Brett)

Way back in 1954, journalist Darrell Huff wrote ‘How to lie with Statistics’, a quirky little book as a ‘primer’ on how to lie with statistics and how to spot the tricks. It’s only 124 pages and filled with cartoons. You don’t need to know much about statistics and could finish it in a couple of hours. Despite some rather dated examples it’s as relevant today as it was just over 60 years ago. You’d be surprised to see how many anecdotes have modern day equivalents.


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